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Woodpecker 2020-2021

Miss Langley, Miss Radcliffe and Mrs Tasker welcome you to Woodpecker Class

PE is on Tuesdays. Please can your child wear their PE kit to school.


Spelling tests are on Fridays.


Please bring book bags, reading books and homework into school on Mondays. Book bags will be returned home on Tuesdays.

Keep an eye out for regular uploads to your child's Seesaw account



We had a ‘Break the rules’ day on Friday 27th November. We all turned up to school breaking the school uniform rule. We wore mufti, dyed our hair, wore make up, put gel in our hair, wore tattoos, put glitter on our face and so much more! We also broke the rules by going to playtime and lunch early. We had an extra snack time too! We were really daring and had an extra choosing time! We had a great day being rebels! It was great fun and made us all smile. 





On Thursday 26th November, Miss Langley was walking past the library when she suddenly saw something. There was something yellow peeping out of the curtain. Luckily, Miss Langley had an iPad on her to video the yellow object moving. She ran towards it and saw what appeared to be Beegu! However, Miss Langley wasn’t looking at her feet when she was running so she fell over a chair. As she got back up, Beegu was gone! Miss Langley ran back to the class, dropped her papers everywhere and told the Woodpeckers what she saw. She put the video up on the board for all to see then she screen shot the video to try get a clear image of Beegu. The woodpeckers were very excited. The woodpeckers decided to write Beegu a letter to explain she doesn’t need to be afraid. They left it in the last place Miss Langley saw her. The woodpeckers hope to see her again. 

Beegu has been caught

Still image for this video

Daffodil planting

Mrs Scott has come up with a lovely idea for all classes to plant daffodils around the school. This is so that the playground looks lovely during the spring time. We have planted them in November to make sure they are ready for the Spring. We have planted ours against the fence between the children centre and Robin class garden so that all parents can see when they pick their children up. We can’t wait to see them grow and flower!





An alien space ship has landed in Woodpecker Class! As we were outside having a run around in the playground, Mrs Tasker ran  worried and scared. She said she heard a very loud BANG coming from the classroom. We headed back to the classroom quickly and this is what we saw!

The classroom was a mess with pencil cases and paper everywhere and even a table was turned on its side. It appeared that an alien’s spaceship had landed in our classroom! We started looking around for clues. That is when we noticed a book with the space ship called ‘Beegu’.

Miss Langley and Mrs Tasker thought it would be a good idea to move the spaceship to a safer area. We were a bit worried to touch it though so we dressed up in our PPE equipment. It was very heavy but we managed to move it to Miss Langley’s desk.

We then decided to read the book that landed with the space ship. That is where we found out that an alien called Beegu has crash landed on our planet and has lost her Mummy. She needs our help and children are the only people who will understand. 

We hid for a little bit to see if Beegu would come out but it didn’t work. So we decided to put posters up around the school and inform everyone that there is an alien on the loose! We hope to find her soon and make sure we can get her home safely. 



In preparation for Remembrance Day, we have been making stain glass poppies. We have created these by either using glitter, sequins or tissue paper to decorate them. Not only have we made red poppies but we have also made purple ones too. This is because purple poppies represent the lives of all the animals that fought in wars to help the soldiers. You will see our stain glass poppies on display in our window. 



Self Portraits 


During the last week of term, we created our own self portraits. We did this in a creative way by taking photos of ourselves. Mrs Tasker cut the photo into 4 pieces. We then only had to draw parts of our portraits. The woodpecker children did brilliantly at including details and making their drawings match their pictures. Our self portraits are now on display outside our classroom.



On Friday 9th October we raised awareness and spoke about mental health. As a class we discussed how we can support people around us and not just people who are our friends. We spoke about the importance of being kind and making sure nobody feels alone. We came up with ways on how to cheer people up. We made buntin which was covered in our favourite jokes and all had a giggle listening to them. We also wore yellow to raise awareness for Hello Yellow day.



This term we are learning about rainforests. We have been learning about what a rainforest is, the animals that live there, the different layers of the forest and the troubles they can have. We have spent 3 weeks of geography lessons becoming experts! The Woodpeckers are great at identifying the 4 layers of the rainforest with our actions and they can tell you lots of facts.


We have linked our learning in English by learning about orang-utans. We started by reading an excellent ebook about them and gathering lots of new facts. We then had a challenge set for us. A fictional girl named Ellie James would like an orang-utan as a pet. We are currently trying to convince her that it is an unkind idea! We interviewed Ellie James and wrote her bossy instructions to try put her off but so far, it isn’t working! We are not giving up though. 

We have also been making our own orang-utans which are hanging in our very own rainforest role play area.


UPDATE: After weeks of trying to convince Ellie James to not have an orang-utan as a pet, we managed to change her mind! All of our information and non chronological reports informed her of all the reasons against orang-utans  as pets. She enjoyed reading them and learnt a lot! The woodpeckers are now orang-utan experts.