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Woodpecker 2020-2021

Miss Langley, Miss Radcliffe and Mrs Tasker welcome you to Woodpecker Class

PE is on Tuesdays. Please can your child wear their PE kit to school.


Spelling tests are on Fridays.


Please bring book bags, reading books and homework into school on Mondays. Book bags will be returned home on Tuesdays.

Keep an eye out for regular uploads to your child's Seesaw account

🏏 Rounders 🏏

Miss Langley vs Miss Radcliffe


For PE this week, we played rounders on the field. We split into two teams and had a friendly competition. We started to practise the rules then we kept points. Considering most of us have never played before, it was an enjoyable game. By the end, everyone was a professional. All the Woodpeckers were brilliant at certain skills. We had good catchers, throwers, bowlers, runners and those who go the other team out. Miss Langley’s team won!

🏰 Sponsored obstacle course and bouncy castle 🏰

Our school turns 50 years old! To celebrate, we have had a super fun day. Firstly we had a mufti day and we all brought in £1 to raise money for our school. 

Then we went outside for some more fun. There were two stations set up for us. The class were split into two groups. The first group went on the obstacle race where they had to complete as many laps as possible. This was a sponsored activity to raise more money for the school.

The second activity was the bouncy castle! The Woodpeckers were allowed to have a play on it by climbing through the hole, running  between the pillars, climbing up the wall then sliding down the slide. Miss Langley even had a go!

After all of our fun, Mrs Scott presented us with a gift. All of the Woodpeckers received a personalised Bishop Henderson Mug. It shows the school logo and our lock down heart project.

Finally, we celebrated a birthday properly by eating birthday cake!

⚽️ The Final ⚽️

We have our final two teams.


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Lucy vs Ellie 🇮🇹

How do plants grow near me?

This week, we were scientist and geographers. We recapped the 7 continents and spoke about what plants may grow in those areas. We split into groups and were set a challenge. Each group was given a continent. They had to identify the continent on a map. They then had to research their continent and find out which plants grow there. They made posters to show these plants and even drew pictures. They then presented their findings to the whole class.




⚽️ The Semi Finals ⚽️
We are getting closer to the final!

We have:

🇪🇸 Miss Radcliffe vs Ellie 🇮🇹
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Lucy vs Louis 🇩🇰


Learning about possessive apostrophes 

The woodpeckers have been learning about possessive apostrophes and how to use them in their writing. We started by doing a practical activity. Once Miss Langley demonstrated what apostrophes are and when we use them, the children had a try at labelling objects in the classroom which belong to them. This was great fun and their ideas got adventurous! Then they fixed Miss Langley’s sentences and added the apostrophes in the correct places. The Woodpeckers learned this punctuation really quickly. 

Our first experiment as scientists


As we are now being scientists, we have started setting up our first experiment. We divided ourselves up into 5 groups. We are going to investigate what plants need to grow and what happens if they don’t have everything they need. We spoke about what makes a fair enquiry and how to make sure we don’t change our experiment. We planted 3 different seeds into 4 plant pots. The 5ree seeds were cress, sunflower and runner bean. We are going to see if any of these grow quicker than the others. Our four plant conditions are:

1. In a dark place with water.

2. Inside with water.

3. Outside with shade and water.

4. Outside with sun and water.


First, we labelled our plants so we know which belongs to each group.

Next, we placed soil in our plant pots and then added the three seeds.

We then added water to them and put them in the correct plates. We will let you know what we discover!

⚽️ The quarter finals are on! ⚽️

Belgium vs Italy

Switzerland vs Spain

Denmark vs Czech Republic

England vs Ukraine

How do plants grow near me?


In our second lesson investigating our new enquiry, ‘How do plants grow near me?’, we continued being scientists. During this lesson, we looked at plants more closely. We dug out some flowers and scraped the soil away to look at areas of the plants we don’t normally see. We usually only see the plant growing above the ground. Today we looked closely at their roots and what they actually look like. We tried to see if we could see the original seed and whether we could see anything else that we haven’t noticed before. We then drew our plants to show what the whole of them look like. This was really fun and interesting. 

⚽️ EUROS 2020 - The next round! ⚽️

Round of 16


The first round of the group stages is complete. Here are the teams that made it. We gave a big round of applause to the teams that got knocked out👏🏻



GROUP A - Italy, Wales and Switzerland

GROUP B - Denmark and Belgium

GROUP C - Netherlands, Ukraine and Austria

GROUP D - England, Croatia and Czech Republic

GROUP E - Sweden and Spain


GROUP F - Portugal, France and Germany

How do plants grow near me?
This term, we are going to be scientists. We are going to be learning about plants and understanding how they grow. For our first lesson, we started to look at seeds closely. Miss Langley cut some fruits during vegetables  in half so that we could explore their seeds. We spoke about how their seeds were different sizes, colours and quantities. The Woodpeckers then had to draw the seeds to show what they found. They really enjoyed this lesson - they were very tempted to have a nibble too!

KS1 Sports Festival

This week, the whole of key stage one took part in a sports festival. This was organised by Mr D who had some help from the year 6 sports captains. The festival consisted of the class being split into 2 groups. The children were then organised into their house colours. There were lots of sports stations for the children to take part in. The activities weren’t competitive so there wasn’t a first, second or third place. However, the activities practised team work and encouraging our class mates. These were the different sports stations:

First, we had the sack race. The Woodpeckers were good at jumping and staying in the sack. 

Second was the hurdles and obstacle section. 

Third was the javelin activity. The Woodpeckers had to throw the foam arrow as far as they could. Frank and Oakley’s went the furthest!

The traditional egg and spoon race was next. The eggs were very wobbly but the Woodpeckers did not give up!

The three legged race was great fun. There was lots of tumbling over but some amazing teamwork. The house colour groups worked well together by holding on and walking in sync. Reuben and Jack did 50 laps!

The bouncy hoppers were the most fun! They were extremely bouncy and lots of children rolled off but they had a smile on their face the whole time 🙂

Then we walked on stilts. This was tricky at first but the Woodpeckers persevered. 

Finally, it was long jump time. Each child had to jump as far as they could then try to get further on their next go. 

⚽️ EURO 2020 âš½ï¸

The Woodpeckers have decided to have some fun! We have decided to have a competition in-line with the UEFA European Football Championships. We have allocated a country participating in the EUROs to every child in the class. The adults are involved too as there are 24 countries taking part! We decided this fairly by using a name spinner. Miss Langley read out a country then spun the wheel. 

This was really fun and it was interesting to learn about countries we haven’t all heard of before. We then colored in our country’s flag so we can decorate the classroom with them. 

These are our teams. We will track the football matches to see what the scores are. The winner will receive a prize! We are also going to learn some more about our countries and learn how to place them on a map.

Mystery Box

We started to explore our mystery box for the term. It contains items that are linked to the great fire of London. We picked up each object and discussed what we think it might be and how it could be linked to the event. 

We think there is a fire rod that can pull down houses. We think 1666 is when the great fire happened because it is written on a diary belonging to Samuel Pepys. We don’t know who he is yet but I’m sure we will find out. We think the bread is for feeding everyone through the disaster. We think the bag of buried cheese was used to protect their valuables. We think there is straw in the box because it kept things safe and was also used to make a roof for the houses. We think the map shows how far the fire spread. There was also a letter from someone called W. Farriner. In the letter, he pleads for help to prove his Father’s innocence. Apparently Thomas Farriner was arrested for starting the fire on purpose at his bakery. We will let you know what we discover and learn.

The Great Fire of London

End of term

We have completed another term! I hope you all have a great rest and we look forward to seeing you all back for the final term! Our topic next term will be about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Watch this space to see what we learn about. 



Today we had a very special visitor at school. His name is Woody and he is a cocker spaniel puppy. Woody will be working within school once a week so everyone got a chance to meet him today. As he is only little, we all sat in a semi-circle so that Woody could see us calmly. We were then able to ask Woody’s owner questions about him. It was great to meet him and we look forward to seeing him again. 

💍👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️ MISS BARTON BECOMES MRS MORRIS 🤵🏻‍♂️👰🏻‍♀️💍


A very exciting wedding is happening this weekend! Miss Barton will be marrying Mr Morris. We made her a card to say congratulations and presented her with some flowers. The Woodpeckers have been saying how funny it will be calling her a different name now. We have decided we will do a star jump every time we call her Miss Barton by accident.

Congratulations Miss Barton, we hope you have an amazing day!

Our school council representatives


The Woodpecker’s have voted for Jacob and Finley to be their class representatives. The boys had their first school council meeting with Mrs Scott this week. Jacob and Finley reported to the Woodpeckers about the discussions that look place in the meeting. They asked their class what they like about playtimes and what they would like to improve it. We look forward to hearing what is said at the next meeting. 

A special class performance

During guided reading this week, one of the groups named after Veruca Salt from Charlie and the chocolate factory, had an exciting task to complete. Their guided reading book this week was about a singing parrot. The group had to learn the lyrics to the song off by heart and could perform it to the class if they wanted to. This group really enjoyed the task and even came up with actions to go with the words! We enjoyed it so much that we kept shouting ‘ENCORE’. 

I’m a parrot

Still image for this video

🌼 Measuring our Daffodils 🌼

You might remember that in the first term of this year, we planted some daffodil bulbs. They have finally sprung and flowered!


In math, we have been learning about centimetres and how to use rulers properly. We thought it would be a good opportunity to measure our daffodils and put our new skills to the test. So many of the daffodils were over 30cm! That means they are longer than our rulers. The Woodpeckers were great at making sure the ruler was lined up from 0 cm. We look forward to seeing them flower again next year!

Good bye Miss French

Sadly, we had to say good bye to Miss French this week. Miss French has been with us as part of her teacher training degree. She has been great at teaching us fractions, how to write a good story and all about everyday materials. We have even completed some fun art activities too! We will miss her very much! We made her her very own NQT hamper so that Miss French has everything she needs for her own class. We also made her a woodpecker picture and card.

Triops Experiment


We had an exciting afternoon this week. We were invited to the children centre to have Ellie present an exciting experiment she has been working on. She has been growing her own triops! This was not a familiar creature to us so she explained them to us. She described what they are and how she grew them. Did you know a triops has 3 eyes but is very blind? Did you know they can grow up to 8cm long? 



She then told us what a triops needs in order to survive. Miss Barton was donated a fish tank and a filter because triops hatch and live in water. The water temperature has to be 21 degrees. Triops shed their skin so she showed us what this looks like. It was very delicate though so we had to be careful. 

We then learned what triops like to eat. At first, they were given a special food which came in the box when they ordered the eggs. The Woodpeckers smelt the packet but they all thought it spelt disgusting! The triops now eat fish food and they also like grated carrots. 

Next, it was time to see the triops up close! We had to get into small groups so we could all see them. They have grown a lot but they move quickly and can blend into their environment easily. We could see their three eyes and all of their legs! They liked swimming around and digging in their sand. We look forward to seeing them get bigger!

Saying a sad good bye

Our first week back was quite sad this week as we said goodbye to one of our class members. As a class, the woodpeckers all got together to make a lovely gift for Evie. She loved it! We wish Evie all the best and she will be missed by everyone. 

☀️ Welcome back to the summer term ☀️

Welcome back to all the Woodpeckers! This term, we will be looking at lots of new topics in our lessons. 
English - Fairytales 

Math - Fractions

Science - Everyday materials

RE - What do Christians believe about love?

Watch this space to see what we get up to this term. 

🐥🥚 Happy Easter to everyone!  ðŸ¥šðŸ¥

On our last day of the term, we had the best day! We made nest cakes! We made two varieties. One was made with shredded wheat, melted chocolate and mini eggs. The second cake was made with Rice Krispies, white chocolate, smarties and marshmallows. We had a great time making them and look forward to eating them.

Then it was time for the best bit- OUR EASTER EGG HUNT! Miss Radcliffe and Miss French went out into the playground and hid our sock bunnies. We then had to go and find them. We got into our starting positions.

The Woodpeckers were great at finding their own bunny.They even subtly helped their friends if they were struggling to find theirs! They are a great team. 

Then it was time for the best bit. The Woodpeckers earned a small Easter egg to eat!

Easter Art


The Woodpeckers have been busy making lots of Easter art. Firstly, they all made stain glass crosses that are displayed on our window. After talking about the Easter story, the children designed their own crosses.

Next, we made an Easter wreath. We had some printed eggs and blank ones for us to decorate ourselves. We then stuck these around a paper plate. They were great fun to make.

During the last week of term, we made Easter bunnies. We used socks, rice, ribbon, elastic bands and a pen. We started by filling the sock with rice and used the elastic bands to form a body and head shape. We used a ribbon to disguise the elastic band. We then drew eyes and a nose for our bunnies. They looked great!

Reflection Day - Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Today marks one year since the UK went into a national lockdown. We spent today talking about how we felt during the past year. The Woodpeckers told me all the things that changed for us during lockdown. We first spoke about the negative feelings such as missing our friends and families, missing school, missing clubs etc. We then spoke about the fact that we may have had some positive memories too, such as spending more time with our families, FaceTiming our friends, playing outside and so much more. We did a one minutes silent to reflect on our year. We split a reflective picture into pieces and gave the children one each to colour. We have now put them all back together to make a picture. Have you seen it displayed in our window?

Our wellbeing


Since being back at school and having been in two lockdowns, we have been talking a lot about our feelings. We have been using a story to help us understand our feelings and knowing how we can make other people feel better. The story we have looked at is called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We read this outside in the sunshine.

This book explained that we all carry an invisible bucket. We cannot see it and we cannot see anyone else’s. Our buckets hold our emotions. The kindness we receive and the kindness we give to others, makes our buckets full. Unfortunately, if someone is unkind to us or we say something upsetting to another child, our bucket starts to loose some of the nice things. Our first step was finding our buckets. They were hidden around the playground. They are invisible so it took a while to find them!

 So we finally found them! They weren’t very full though so we went around to our friends and gave them lovely compliments. I heard children telling each other that they are funny, kind, good at football, a best friend and so much more! The Woodpeckers even went around to the teachers!

We went back into the classroom and started to make our own buckets. We used paper cups and wrote our names on them. The Woodpeckers had a chance to choose their own coloured handle for their bucket. We then had five, star shaped sticky notes to write a nice comment on to a friend in our class. 

These are the finished products! The Woodpeckers loved their buckets and the lovely things their friends wrote about them. You will find these displayed in the hall.

Red Nose Day

We raised money for Red Nose Day by coming into school wearing mufti. We had children wearing red, sparkles, football kits, their favourite clothes and even red in their hair! We all celebrated today by telling jokes to each other. We had a great laugh!


In math, we have started learning about fractions. Our first lesson was to understand what equal parts are. What better way to learn how to have equal parts that to practise making them ourselves! Miss Langley went to Tesco and bought 20 wraps. The children were first asked to split the wrap into 2 equal parts. They did this so well that we set them another challenge. They then had to split the wrap into 4 equal parts. The biggest challenge of all was to not eat the delicious wraps- they succeeded with that too! Soon we will make something delicious to practise our fractions again!

We learnt about quarters with Miss French. We spoke about the vocabulary we need to use e.g. quarters and equal. We practised using the fraction for quarters and we recapped which number is the numerator and which is the denominator. The best part of the lesson was cutting our pizzas into quarters! 

Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful Mums!

The Woodpeckers have been busy making gifts for their mothers. We started by making cards. We used knitted flowers and felt tips to make it look like a vase of flowers. Mrs Tasker had a lovely idea to make a wreath for our Mums. We used leaves and butterflies along with more knitted flowers. They looked great and we had some great feedback about them! We are so pleased our Mums enjoyed them!

The Masked Reader

We enjoyed guessing which teachers participated in Bishop Henderson’s masked reader video for World Book Day. We had a go at making our own masks. We really enjoyed this!

Welcome back Woodpeckers

We are back!

We have had a lovely, first day back. It was great to see our friends again and we had a successful day settling back in. The Woodpeckers arrived to a classroom decorated with balloons and a really cool colouring sheet. We started the day with a circle time introducing Miss French to our class and we played some games. This was really fun as we got to move the tables. We then practised tally charts in maths as that’s what we did during home learning. We found out everyone’s eye colour to see which is the most common in our class. We then had an afternoon of playing with our friends and enjoying the sunshine! We are glad to be back!


From all in Woodpecker Class

Our Christmas Poem


Still image for this video

Poem for Santa


Stockings are hung
Christmas carols are sung


Each child is in bed
Slumber stories are read


It’s that magical night
When reindeer take flight


In your sleigh you do sit
(With toys – a tight fit!)


This key is for you
Dear Santa, it’s true


A long wait it’s been
We beg you – come in!

Christmas Party

For our Christmas party, we played lots of games! We started by playing the fruit salad game but with a Christmas twist!


We then played a game of guess who stole the elf hat.

Musical statues to Christmas songs was our favourite game! We played it 3 times!

But best of all was our snowball and spoon race. It's exactly like playing egg and spoon race but with a snowball! We played in our house colour teams (even the adults got involved!). We played on the track in the playground and it was so much fun!


1st Place - Green House

2nd Place - Red House

3rd Place - Yellow House

4th Place - Blue House

We loved our Christmas lunch!

We were all dressed as different Christmas characters. We had lots of angels, elves, Santas, Mrs Clause, reindeers, donkies and snowmen. We had a great last day of the school year and look forward to seeing everyone again in January.

Beegu goes home for Christmas

We were both disappointed and excited to hear that Beegu has returned home. Jingles the elf had a surprise for us this morning saying he knew where Beegu was. He was sat in the space where Beegu's spaceship has been parked but the spaceship was no longer there! Jingles was holding an iPad which had a new video recording on it. It seems that Jingles had caught on camera the moment Beegu's mum came to get her. It was quite dark and difficult to see but we are happy to announce she made it home safely. We are pleased she made it home for Christmas but we enjoyed looking after her. Hopefully we'll see her again soon and that she enjoyed her stay with us.  

Beegu's journey home

Still image for this video



We made christingles ready for our christingle service. We spoke about what each part represents and made them independently.