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Woodpecker - Year 2

Camp Day 1

We have arrived safely in Bristol. After leaving our bags at the youth hostel, we made our way to Bristol Zoo where we had a great time looking at the animals, listening to talks by the keepers and taking part in a session about evolution and adaptation. During this session, we got to handle some animals and look at some amazing objects. One of our favourite items was a narwhal's tooth!

After a delicious supper of meatballs and pasta followed by choc ice or jam sponge and custard, we went bowling. Bowling was great fun and it was lovely to hear so much laughter and friendly competition. We returned home tired but happy and the children settled down in their rooms ready for a well- deserved rest. 












Day 2

We all had a great night's sleep- everyone slept really well and the children were refreshed and ready for the day's activities. Breakfast was a choice of a full English breakfast, continental breakfast, cereal or a combibation of all of the above!




Today we went to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery where we looked at all the wonderful items on display and also had a workshop session called 'Stone Age to Iron Age'. We got to handle lots of interesting artefacts and ask lots of questions. I am sure there are some archaeologists of the future in our midst!




After a lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a sweet treat, we set off to our street dance activity.


The children were split into two groups and had the chance to learn a hip-hop and a commercial dance routine. What great dancers they are!







Camp Day 3

Last night, we went to Za Za Bazaar! The food was delicious and we all certainly filled ourselves up. The children were very adventurous with their food choices and tried a selection of cuisines from around the world.



Today, we went to Clifton Suspension Bridge. We enjoyed learning all about the bridge and Brunel- our tour guides were fantastic! 



After lunch and a play in the park next to the bridge, we made our way to the river to start stand up paddleboarding.



We all loved this activity- it was so much fun! Children had the opportunity to use the canoes, individual paddleboards and a large paddleboard. They were all great and really got involved (even if some were reluctant at first). They all worked well together and were a great team. Well done everyone!






Supper tonight was pizza, chips and baked beans followed by sultana sponge and custard, choc ice or fruit salad. Yummy!

We stayed at the youth hostel tonight and took part in the annual camp quiz. Congratulations to Joseph, Leah, Rebekah and Elena who were the winning team and were the happy recipients of a packet of Maltesers each.

Everyone settled down to bed happy and we did not hear a peep out of the children until Mrs White woke them up this  (Thursday) morning at 7.15 am.


Camp Day 4

Following our art tour, we are now Banksy experts! We looked at a variety of street art and learned all about the rules to which street artists have to adhere. We all really enjoyed looking at the vibrant art scattered along the streets of Bristol.



We also had the opportunity to have a go at creating our own spray paint artwork which was great fun.


In the afternoon, we went on an open top bus tour of Bristol. Marion (our guide) was very informative and we now know lots of interesting facts about Bristol.




For supper we had burger, chips and beans or a jacket potato. Pudding was either lemon meringue or choc ice. After supper,  we went to watch My Fair Lady at the Bristol Hippodrome. The singing and acting were fantastic and several people commented on how well behaved the children were.


Once they got into bed, the children fell asleep very quickly. They had another peaceful night's sleep and are currently packing to come home today. 


Day 5

Our last activity is a ferry ride. We expect to be leaving Bristol at 12.00 pm. See you all soon!




WELCOME to Woodpecker Class page 2016-17
A very warm welcome to our new Woodpeckers! We are really looking forward to our new school year!

 Some exciting visitors!

On Wednesday Woodpecker Class has some very exciting visitors!

They were scaly and patterned and arrived in boxes with a man.



The visitors included a Chinese water dragon, a chameleon called Euripides, a python, a tarantula and a beautiful  alligator called Tinkerbell. 

Some of the children were a little nervous to touch the animals but most people overcame their fears and had a go. These reptiles were surprisingly friendly and didn't seem to mind all the attention! The only slight mishap was when a live locust (due to be fed to the chameleon), skuttled across the floor in a bid for freedom. He was however caught and returned to his box, much to the children's disappointment!

Today the Woodpeckers visited the Bath Literature festival. in the Guildhall.  We saw an author called Tom Percival who helped us all to make up a new story. His books 'The Little Legends' series, looked very interesting and exciting.

After we went to the Bath Abbey and walk around inside. We managed to solve some of the quiz question but really needed more time and a guide to help us look for all the clues!

Mrs Johnson bought us a candle and we all thought of someone special to us and said a prayer quietly. The candle will be burning in the Abbey even when we get home.


There were many people singing and playing music in Bath and we listened to their music whike we ate our packed lunches sitting on some steps.


Bath 4.10.16

We also bumped into this beautiful pig!


The Woodpeckers have made a great start to the year and are already getting used to the new routines and expectations.

This term we are learning about Meerkats and will be using the book 'Meerkat Mail' as a focus for our literacy.

If you have any information or resources you would like to share, we would be very grateful!

Please see the 2016-17 Year plan (attached below as a document) for further information about our topics.

For a more detailed look please look at the document called 'Autumn 1 2016' 


Last Tuesday the children and staff enjoyed dressing up as  Roald Dahl characters. Mrs Johnson became Mrs Twit for the day, complete with glass eye and walking stick and Mrs Chalk was Charlie Bucket with a golden ticket in her pocket.




A few reminders for the children:  smiley

  • PE is every Monday
  • Swimming is every Friday
  • Please ensure that the appropriate kit is in school.
  • Homework will be given out on a Monday and due in on the following Monday.

A reminder for parents smiley

Meet the teacher meeting will be on Tuesday 20th September 2:40pm in Woodpecker classroom. Please come along if possible, thank you.