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WELCOME to Woodpecker Class page 2016-17
A very warm welcome to our new Woodpeckers! We are really looking forward to our new school year!

The Woodpeckers have made a great start to the year and are already getting used to the new routines and expectations.

This term we are learning about Meerkats and will be using the book 'Meerkat Mail' as a focus for our literacy.

If you have any information or resources you would like to share, we would be very grateful!

Please see the 2016-17 Year plan (attached below as a document) for further information about our topics.

Our half termly topic plan is also below ~ please take a look!


Sunny the Meerkat and some Woodpecker portraits of him and his family.


  • PE is on Mondays
  • Swimming is on Fridays
  • Homework will be given out on Mondays and collected back in on the following Monday 
  • Booster clubs will run after school after half term
  • Meet the Teacher Meeting will be on Weds 20th September at 2.40 in Woodpecker classroom. Please come along if possible.                                                                             

















Poppy the Rock Hopper Penguin Comes to Visit

Today was a very exciting day for Woodpecker Class as a Rock Hopper Penguin came to visit! The children noticed the penguin hopping around the car park and decided that she should be invited in to the classroom. 

The penguin came in, she was very playful and brought a big green fish with her. 

The children thought of interesting questions to ask her and then they all went outside for some waddling and hopping fun!

How clever of her to know that we had be learning all about Antarctica and Penguins ....!



Shared Learning

On Wednesday some of  Kingfisher Class came to join the Woodpeckers for a learning session. The Kingfishers helped the Woodpecker children to improve their non-fiction page for a book about Blue Whales. They had some brilliant presentation ideas and demonstrated patience and understanding with the younger children. 


Woodpecker Class visited the Bath and West Showground for a very special Field to Food learning day.  Our guide for the day was a farmer called Mr Oliver Simon, who guided us around the activities and helped us to understand the farming process.

We visited the butchers and Sam the butcher told us all about the different cuts of meat and explained how to make sausages. 

We then tasted some delicious Wyke cheeses.

After that Oliver taught us about the importance of crops and how the farmers look after their field to ensure the best possible yield.

Next we saw a vet giving a sheep its MOT. This was really interesting as the sheep had to have its teeth, feet, mouth , ears, eyes and fleece checked. Then we moved on to see the  sheep have their woolly coats removed. The shearer carefully sheared the fleece away and left the sheep looking skinny but cool! We then touched the fleece and were amazed to find how sticky and waxy they felt. This is lanolin and is used in many, many products, such as make up.

We played some environmental games about food chains and then moved on to see the massive farming machinery.

As we walked on to the bakery we saw some gorgeous fluffy chicks in an incubator. At the bakers we all had a go at kneading dough and making rolls. The bakers gave us rolls to take home for our tea. 

next we went to the Bee stand and learnt a waggle dance! Then it was time for lunch.  We were absolutely starving! 

After lunch we watched some beautiful Jersey cows get milked and then it was time for a much needed run around the arena 

What a wonderful day of learning!





Clay with Nick the Potter

These are the finished Garden Wall sculptures that Woodpecker Class have made. They are on dosplay outside our classroom and are absolutely stunning!

Reminder to parents Re School Visit

Please remember that the children from Woodpecker Class and Swallow Class will be visiting the Bath and West Show ground on Wednesday 13th April, for a 'Field to food' learning day.

Children will need to wear a school sweatshirt./ cardigan and polo top, jeans or leggings, wellingtons and a waterproof coat. (Wellies to be brought to school in a plastic bag so that children can change into them when we get there).

Children will also need a packed lunch, mid morning snack and a non fizzy drink.

We will be leaving school at 9 am and hope to return before the end of the normal school day.

If you need any further information please see me ASAP.

SUMMER 1 Topic Plan

Please have a look at Woodpecker's Summer 1 topic plan. (Click on the link below)

If you have any resources or information that you would like to share with the class, please see Mrs Johnson so that arrangements can be made.


In computing we have been learning all about ALGORITHMS.

We have learnt how to programme the Beebots, how to give instructions to a writing tool on the whiteboard, how to write clear instructions for cleaning our teeth and even how to programme a friend to move around the playground!

Woodpecker children welcomed parents, grandparents and other relatives into class for an Easter bonnet making afternoon. The children used a variety of exciting materials and copious amounts of glue and sticky tape! The beautiful creations were displayed after school on the last day of term in a special Easter bonnet parade. frown


Woodpecker Class have also been learning how to make collages. These have been inspired by various artists including the work of Matisse.

The Woodpeckers have been learning about autobiographies. They are now in the process of making their own. They know  they must sequence life events correctly and  weave interesting information into these. They are collecting photographs to add to their pages and may well ask close friends and relatives for input!


To celebrate the official opening of the Puffin nursery, the children made a simple, rhyming counting book. They took great delight in performing the story to the little Puffins and were thrilled that some of them joined in with the repeated language.




One Little Puffin

One little puffin

Sitting all alone

Along came a wagging dog

Who offered him a bone!


No! Said the puffin.

I do not like this food.

Can no one find me something nice?

That just tastes really good?


Two little puffins

Hopping on a bed,

Along came a snorty pig

Who offered them some bread!


No! Said the puffins.

We do not like this food.

Can no one find us something nice?

That just tastes really good?


Three little puffins

Bouncing round the trees,

Along came a squeaky mouse

Who offered them some cheese!


No! Said the puffins.

We do not like this food.

Can no one find us something nice?

That just tastes really good?


Four little puffins

Dancing on the stairs,

Along came a jumpy frog

Who offered them some pears!


No! Said the puffins.

We do not like this food.

Can no one find us something nice?

That just tastes really good?


Five little puffins

Skipping with their feet.

Along came a miaowing cat

Who offered them some sweets!


No! Said the puffins.

We do not like this food.

Can no one find us something nice?

That just tastes really good?


We can said the woodpeckers,

For you are all our friends.

They went and got some yummy fish

And shared them all. The END!




Later that day, the children visited the Maths Cafe and thoroughly enjoyed buying delicious drinks and snacks. 

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and that Father Christmas was kind to you! We would like to wish you all  a very happy new year! 

The children in Woodpecker Class will be learning about Materials this term and we would welcome any possible visitors that would like to come into class and talk about the uses of wood/ stone/ paper/ fabric etc. Please contact Mrs Johnson to arrange an appropriate time. Thank you in anticipation! 

We are also learning about the importance of drinking water and how this can affect our well being. Please look at the display in the hall for more information about our learning.


On Thursday Jim Plunkett Cole came to visit our school to talk about the benefits of exercising everyday. The children heard how Jim has run 10K for over 1000 days and since 1st January 2015  Jim has completed a triathlon of events (running, swimming and cycling) EVERYDAY!

The visit has kick started our school 'Running everyday challenge', which is we hope will improve our fitness and raise our focus for learning. We all went for a run with Jim around the school grounds and felt truly inspired to continue this.

The children in Woodpecker Class decided that we would call this 'GUMPING' in honour of Forest Gump. (Jim's next milestone challenge.)

Hopefully Jim will pop back and see us in s few months to see how we are getting on.

On Thursday we had some very special visitors to Woodpecker Class. They came from Longleat and were Corn snakes, Royal pythons, a tarantula called Pepper and a scorpion.

The children were able to stroke the snakes. They felt warm and leathery and not at all slimy!

Mrs Johnson held Pepper the tarantula. We learnt that tarantulas can shoot tiny hairs into the eyes of it's predators. 

The scorpion was a lovely bluey, black  colour and had large pincers. We were pleased about the large pincers because the larger the pincers the less venomous the sting in the tail! 



Inspire Morning

A huge thank you  to all the parents and grandparents that supported the children today in our mathematical Inspire morning!

The theme was shopping. Everyone worked on activities that encouraged the children to use money for calculating and problem solving. All morning the children and their adult worked hard on the challenges set by Mrs Johnson, some of them were quite tricky and the adults found that they needed to think carefully too!

Mrs Johnson would like to say a very big thank you for coming along and making it such a success.



On Thursday 15th October, Woodpecker Class went to visit Southwood Common Farm. 

We met a farmer called Mark. He was number 12 and our guide for the farm.

Another farmer called James showed us how the farmer can sort the poorly cows from the healthy cows so that they can be seen by the vet and made better again.
Then we met Grumpy Graham who told us about the adult cows. He wasn't Grumpy at all!¬

Oliver found an enormous worm! Grumpy Graham told us that this meant it was great soil. 

We learnt that cows tear the grass with their tongues and do not have bottom teeth! We also found out that cows have four stomachs.

Next we went to see the baby calves. They were only three months old. They were very noisy because they were hungry.

Soon a farmer came along with a huge machine. The machine could give each calf 2 liters of milk and feed up to 52 calves at a time.

We saw some huge tractors.They made us look tiny!
When we went to the milking parlor we learnt the cows eat cake while they are being milked. We all put our fingers into the milking clusters. It felt funny, it gently squeezed our fingers and was quite relaxing. These clusters encourage the mummy cows to give lots and lots of milk. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of our day was the visit to the food hall.

Here we tasted Wyke Cheese, drank milk, ate plain and flavoured yoghurt and best of all had a delicious Mendip Moments ice cream! 

Then we went to the cowshed and said prayers and sang songs to give thanks for cows and farmers.

To finish our wonderful day, each child was given a special pudding, a booklet, a sticker and a wristband to take home. 

What a wonderful day out, PERFECT! frown


9th OCT
On Thursday we had a very special visitor who came to open our new sports court. His name was Leon Reid.

Leon is an athlete and is really good at running 100m and 200m. He hopes to take part in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. 

Leon gave us lots of good tips for getting fit and took us for a PE session. It was brilliant fun. We started with a warm up  and then did some sprint training over different distances. Then we did a cool down and some stretches. It was a hard workout but we all enjoyed it. 

When we watch the 2016 Olympics we know who we will be cheering for...... LEON!

Today was our Harvest Festival Service at Holy Trinity Church. Thank you to all the wonderful donations that have been sent in. smiley

The children were most interested in the idea that the contributions could be sold and the money used to buy goats for Africa. 

REMINDER : PE is on Tuesday 

Welcome to Woodpecker!

Mrs Johnson, Mrs Chalk, Mrs Browning and Mrs Fairweather would like to welcome you to the new WOODPECKER page. 

We will  soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know! Don't forget to visit regularly so that you can keep up to date!  smiley

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Autumn Term 1 Creative Curriculum Plan

Woodpecker children enjoying the new court